What is Biological Medicine?

Biological medicine uses natural healing methods to support and restore the body’s self regulating and self healing mechanisms. The body is designed to heal itself.  The more non-toxic the approach, the better.

Instead of focusing on the suppression of symptoms, biological medicine seeks out the root causes of those symptoms. Biological medicine recognizes that each individual is biochemically, genetically and psychoemotionally unique.

Biological medicine draws from an array of global sources, marrying both  ancient traditional knowledge-based systems with the most cutting-edge high tech advancements. Biological medicine was born in part out of the traditional healthcare practices of German, Austrian, and Swiss homeopathy, phytotherapy, and natural medicine or naturopathic practices.

It has also been greatly influenced by anthroposophical medicine, and traditional medical systems such as traditional Chinese medicine and Ayurvedic medicine.

The philosophical core of biological medicine developed from the ancient works of the Greek physicians Hippocrates, Theophrastus, Metrodora, and Claudius Galen.

Northwest Center for Biological Medicine is one of only a few clinics in the North America for biological medicine.