Unique to Dr. Orscheln, she is a practitioner of Structural Integration, a holistic method of bodywork.  Structural Integration uses a systemic approach to therapeutic touch combined with education and awareness exercises to deepen one’s connection to their body and establish new movement patterns of ease and comfort. She always has your overall physical fitness and mobility in mind. She incorporates Physical Therapy modalities like joint and soft tissue manipulation and myofascial release techniques, postural and movement re-education, and other therapeutic exercises to help re-train you in better body mechanics to help resolve old patterns that contribute to pain.  She also uses kinesiotaping and laser light therapy when indicated to support the healing process.  Many of these physical medicine modalities can be combined with restorative injection procedures.  Most providers of injection therapies do not incorporate hands-on bodywork into the treatment, they refer out to PT or other practitioners. While she may find a referral necessary for your best outcome, she believes in the healing power of touch to potentiate the healing response, and this is a foundation to her practice.

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